Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

Utahloy International School Guangzhou (UISG) is an inquiry-driven learning community that embraces the diversity and uniqueness of each individual and commits to the International Baccalaureate Continuum.


Unique, Inclusive, Successful, Globally Aware

UISG is:

    - Commits to high quality education that values inquiry-led, student-centered learning through the IB Continuum.
    - Promotes mother tongue learning, and recognises the importance of language acquisition in an international context.
    - Creates a stimulating and protective learning environment based on understanding and respect of the UN Rights of the Child.
    - Creates a caring and harmonious environment in which students and their individual talents and needs are respected and cherished.
    - Recognises student academic needs and well-being as the responsibility of the whole school community.
    - Incorporates students' inter-cultural experiences into all teaching programmes.
    - Develops and promotes effective cultural, social and sporting exchanges.
    - Engages in challenging education that empowers students to be curious, independent, creative and innovative learners.
    - Ensures a safe physical and virtual learning environment.
    - Attracts, fosters and retains qualified, internationally-minded staff who contribute to the professional learning community and inspire students to reach their full potential.
    - Engages collaboratively with all school stakeholders.
    - Encourages integrity and ethical behavior in all aspect of school life.
    - Celebrates international and intercultural education through the study of languages, cultures and perspectives within and beyond our school community.
    - Promotes understanding of the Chinese language through interaction with the local Chinese community.
    - Promotes empathy and active service.
    - Embraces responsibility for shared guardianship of the planet.